0.5kVA Servo Motor Stabiliser

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0.5kVA Servo Motor Stabiliser is  fully automatic voltage regulator consist of a contact voltage regulator, servo electric motor and auto-control circuit as well, auto-sampling circuit sending out signal so that run servo motor, and to control the position of carbon brush.0.5kVA Servo Motor Stabiliser will ensure off put voltage steady operations.

0.5kVA Servo Motor Stabiliser Specifications:


220V ± 3%, 110V ± 3%


50/60 HZ

Response Time

<1s (against 10% input voltage deviation)



Ambient Temperature

-10 ~ + 40

Relative Humidity


Waveform Distortion

Non-defect fidelity waveform

Power Factor Cost

0.8 9

Insulation Resistance

> 5MΩ

0.5kVA Servo Motor Stabiliser Features:

  1. Model No: TND-0.5kVA
  2. 99.9% Copper
  3. ON/OFF Power Switch (Lighted),5A Fuse and Power Cord
  4. High efficiency and with no waveform distortion
  5. Over voltage protection,the use of more security
  6. Led Indication : Green (Work)      Red (Over Voltage)     Yellow (Under Voltage)
  7. With Voltmeter

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 0.5kVA Servo Motor Stabiliser


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