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1 Meter 10A 220V Flexible Wires In Pakistan

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Minimum quantity for "1 Meter 10A 220V Flexible Wires In Pakistan" is 10.

The High-Quality  is a commonly useable wire for general purpose wiring of your project. This wire is Ideal for your Arduino based products and projects. It is flexible and soft with a high strand count which means it is great for use in restrictive and compact areas. The wire is the first priority tool for carrying current from one circuit to other while their current carrying capacity is dependent upon the size of the wire. So the High-Quality   Wire has a considerable diameter to suit your application

Wires with a wide variety of gauges and colors to suit your applications are available. You can contact us to get the required wire which is not part of our online inventory.

Note: Images may vary from actual product in terms of length and size.

Features of Solderable Wire:

  1. Super flexible.
  2. High Strand Count.
  3. Pure silicone Insulation.

Package Includes :

  • 1x  1-Meter Solderable Wire Flexible Wire for Wiring Jumper Wire Wiring Wire Wiring Cable

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