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100MHz Oscilloscope Scope Clip Probes P6100

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100MHz Oscilloscope Scope Clip Probes P6100 is used to connect the scope to your electrical circuit. 100MHz Oscilloscope Probes, the BNC connector is attached by pressing it into the connector on the scope and turning. The alligator clip is your ground connection and must always be connected to your circuit's ground. The witch hat goes on the end of the probe and allows you to easily connect to things by simply pressing it down. Do not remove the witch hat. The vertical scale or voltage is controlled with these two knobs. The position knob will adjust where the signal is in the vertical direction. The scale knob adjusts how many volts each vertical block represents. The buttons on the left are for selecting which channel you are editing.

Features & Specifications of 100MHz Oscilloscope Scope Clip Probes P6100:

  • P6100 For DC 100MHz x1 x10 600V
  • 100% new high quality
  • Type: p6100
  • Bandwidth: a 100 MHz
  • Increase time: 3.5ns
  • Attenuation rates: 1X and 10X
  • Type resitance: 1X: 1m ohm /- 2%,10 times: 10m ohm /- 2% of
  • Input capacity: 1X : 70pf ~ 120pf 10 times: 13pf ~ 17pf
  • Maximum input:1X: 200 operating voltage (VP – P)
  • 10 times 600 working voltage (VP- P)
  • The coverage: 10 ~ 35pf
  • Environment: 0 ~ 50 C, 0 ~ 80% RH
  • Storage environment: – 20 ~ 60 C, 0 ~ 90% RH
  • Length: the 120 & plusmn, 2cm
  • Weight:about 55g

Pacakge Includes:

  • 1 x 100MHz Oscilloscope Scope Clip Probes P6100

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