12V 5A battery charger smart fast battery charger(SON-1205B)

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Compatible with 90%(lead-acid,GEL batteries) on the market,supporting charging of 5AH,10AH,20AH,40AH,60AH,70AH and 80AH batteries(Best charging current is 0.1*battery capacity  to 0.25*battery capacity,though)With MCU 3-stage charging smart chip,automanages and controls the whole charging process, automatically cut-off charging when charged full.With reverse conneciton protection,when connected reversely the battery terminals with battery clamps, it can prevent damage to the charge.With short-circuit protection,when the charged load has a short-circuit defect, the charger will automatcally power off to stop output,and when short-circuit is removed, it automatically continues to work.

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