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12v Battery Protection Auto Cut Off Circuit BMS

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This is 12v Battery Protection circuit which  Automatically  Cut Off power supply of the source battery is full and start charging again when battery is low . When the battery voltage drops to about 11.5V (low voltage adjustable settings) when the protection board will automatically charge, when the voltage reaches about 14.5V when the protective board power charger to stop charging. To achieve automatic charging, automatic power off overcharge protection function.
This board uses the special voltage control IC and the automobile special-purpose relay assembly, the volume is small, the electric current is big, the shutdown voltage is accurate and stable, the protection is thoughtful, the function is complete, the performance isreliable, can let you rest assured.


  1. Operating voltage: DC 11.5-14.5v, the maximum can not exceed 15V, otherwise the chip will burn.
  2. Relay closed charging voltage: 11.5V
  3. Relay disconnect protection voltage 14.5V
  4. Voltage error: 0.1V
  5. Voltage detection method: DC voltmeter
  6. Charging type: 12V battery battery
  7. Potentiometer adjustment: VR2 starting voltage, VR1 full power protection voltage

Note: Support charger power: AC 220V, 5A, 1000 Watts, do not support the core of the transformer charger.

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