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Mini 12V DC Electric Cabinet Door Lock Electromagnet Push Pull Type

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This DC 6V Cabinet Door Lock Electric Lock or fingerprint Door Lock Assembly Solenoid can be used for locking sell-machine, storage shelf, file cabinet and etc. The Door Lock works as the circuit disconnects, and it will unlock as the instant power-on. It is steady, durable, and energy-saving and had a long lifespan. In the anti-theft and shockproof design, the Electromagnetic lock is better than other kinds of locks. After connecting the wires and when the current is available, the electric lock can control the door’s opening and closing.

Features Of Push-pull DC 6-12V Electric door lock electromagnet:

  • Slim design, security, and stability, low power consumption.
  • Designed with the open frame type and mount board, easy to install.
  • Connected to a stable power supply, the central slug will be drawn and open when it’s energized. And when it is not energized, the slug will stick out and close. It doesn’t use any power in this state.
  • Suitable for doors, file cabinets, display cabinets, lockers, drawers, etc.

Specifications Of Push-pull DC 6-12V Electric door lock electromagnet:

  1. Voltage: 6-12v DC
  2. Current: 1.0-2.2A
  3. Power: 6-28W
  4. Holding force: 0.25kg
  5. unlocking Time: 1 sec
  6. Body Material: Iron Metal
  7. Energised Form: Intermittent
  8. Cable Lenght: 35 cm (with connector)
  9. Dimension: 20.8 * 30 * 16.5 mm

The higher the voltage, the larger the power of the electromagnet, the greater the suction, but with larger current it can easily heat. If the voltage is increased to DC12V, the current reaches 2.2 A. If the energization time exceeds 20 seconds it will overheat, it is not suitable for long-term power-on work, but if it is used in the electromagnetic lock, its working mode can only be used for a moment less than 5 seconds, it should be able to use DC12V.

Package Include:

  • 1 x DC 12V Cabinet Door Lock

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