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USED 16V 9900mah Lifepo4 Battery IFR 26650 5S3P Battery + 2A Charger For Replacement Lead Acid Battery Flood Hernia LED Lamp golf cart



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Lifepo4 16V 9900mah battery IFR 26650 5S3P bateria + 2A charger for lead acid battery replacement golf cart LED flood hernia lamp

Size: 220*71*50.5mm (battery), use larger capacity cells (3.2V 3300mah 26650)
Battery pack weight: about 1300g
Color blue
Capacity: 9900mAh.(Real high capacity! We use larger capacity cells, please note it.)
Discharge Current: 0-10A
Composite Type: 5S3P
Battery type: rechargeable lifepo4 battery.
Output voltage: 12.5v~18V
Charging current: 2A
Charging voltage: 18V
Product life cycle: life cycles more than 2000 times
Smaller size, high capacity.

The battery uses imported big-brand original lithium-ion batteries, with small internal resistance, large capacity, cycle times and more, no memory effect, etc; Internal circuit for multiple protection design, can prevent overcharging, overdischarging, overcurrent; Production process. Quality inspection and monitoring of computer usage to ensure superior battery performance.

Lead acid replacement, solar power series storage, power system power supply, solar LED street light, UPS emergency power supply, electronic medical equipment, electric vehicle, golf cart, etc.




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