2020 Aluminum Profile / Aluminium Extrusion For CNC And 3D Printer 1 Foot

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2020 is a 20mm x 20mm square T-slot aluminum Extrusion with four open T-slots. one on each 40mm face. The Aluminum Extrusion is smooth, which makes it resistant to dirt and debris buildup while also being easy to clean. The 2020 profile is the most heavy-duty in the 2020 aluminum Extrusion family and lends itself to cleanroom applications, guards, enclosures, or workstations. The four open T-slots enable access from any direction and are useful for mounting accessories.

Specification Of 2020 Aluminium Profile / Aluminium Extrusion :

  1. Applications: Professional 3D Printers, Plasma, Lasers, Stands, Furniture, etc.
  2. Model: HL2020
  3. Material: Aluminium Alloy - 6063 T5
  4. Color: As shown in picture
  5. Tolerances: Length(+/- 3mm)
  6. Dimension: 20mm x 20mm

Features Of 2020 Aluminium Profile / Aluminium Extrusion  :

  1. The 2020 T-Slotted Extrusions are perfect for DIY, such as building the 3d printers and so on.
  2. These high quality 2020 Aluminium T-Slotted Extrusions form a perfect solution for custom machine frames, workstations, prototyping, guarding, and many more purposes.
  3. The extrusion is a great framing material as they are adjustable and can hold T-Slot Nuts on all 4 Grooved Surface sides.

Package Included:

  • 1 x 2020  Aluminum Profile as per selected length in the foot.


 . This product comes along the length of around 6 meters, We cut down this and give you your required size. Price is given for 1 foot only.



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