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2DM542 Stepper Motor Driver In Pakistan

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Just Motion 2DM542 is 4.2 Ampare stepper motor driver with options for microstepping in the range from 400 to 25600steps/rev. 2DM542  Current setting can be set from 1A to 4.2A. An automatic parameter tuning is integrated inside this driver, this can help the driver automatically adjust to best operation parameters to maximize performance of different stepper motors.


  1. Supply voltage range 24-48V, typically 36V
  2. 32-bit DSP technology
  3. Optically isolated differential inputs (26LS32)
  4. Ultra-low noise and vibration
  5. The range of micro steps is 2-128
  6. Built in 500 times high frequency micro steps
  7. Driver 2 phase step motor with 4leads,6leads and 8leads
  8. Current settings is optional between ratings
  9. Current will automatically halved when stand still
  10. Pulse frequency response up to 200KHz
  11. Overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit protection
  12. Alarm output function I / O ports

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