3BR0665J Chip IC

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3BR0665J targets for the Off-Line battery adapters and low cost SMPS for lower power range such as application for DVD R/W, DVD Combi, Blue ray DVD player, set top box, etc. 3BR0665J has active burst mode, auto-restart protection, propagation delay compensation. 3BR0665J has some new features such as built-in soft start time, built-in blanking window, built-in frequency jitter, soft gate driving, etc.

Link for Datasheet 3BR0665J:


3BR0665J Features:

  1. Active Burst Mode for lowest Standby Power

  2. Fast load jump response in Active Burst Mode

  3. 65kHz internally fixed switching frequency

  4. Built-in Soft Start

  5. External auto-restart enable pin

  6. Max Duty Cycle 75%

  7. Overall tolerance of Current Limiting < ±5%

  8. Internal PWM Leading Edge Blanking

  9. Built-in Frequency jitter and soft driving for low EMI

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 3BR0665J IC


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