433MHZ Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Detector for Home Security

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This Pir motion sensor is Auto Learning Code wireless passive infrared detector with high stability,  adopting the advanced technology in signal processing and providing superhigh detection ability and anti error alarm ability. The detector will detect movement of human automatically when intruder passes through the detected areas, and it will send out alarm signal to the alarm host. Fit for guarding the safety of the residential houses, villas, factories, markets, warehouses, office buildings and so on.

Features of 433MHZ Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Detector for Home Security:

  1. Adopt ASIC ( Application Specific Integrated Circuit), comforts to the high standard of high-quality product)Easy to install, no wiring, plug and play.
  2. Motion detction--The detector will detect the motion of human automatically when the intruder passes through the detected zone and send the alarm information by RF.
  3. Low-battery indication, making sure your instrument is in full charge at any time.
  4. SMT design, accurate measurement and reliable performance.
  5. Automatic temperature compensation, as far as possible to make up for the eviation.

Specificatios of 433MHZ Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Detector for Home Security:

  1. Corlor: White
  2. Material: Plastic
  3. Working Voltage: 9V
  4. Quiescent Current: less than 25uA
  5. Alarm Current: Less than 15mA
  6. Detection Distance: 12M
  7. Detection Angle: 110 degrees
  8. Code Format: 1527 Automatic Learning Code
  9. Wireless Frequency: 433MHZ
  10. Wireless Distance: > 100M (open area)
  11. Low Battery Indicator: Yellow LED
  12. Alarm Indicator: red LED
  13. Coverage: 11 Distances, 8 Middle, 5 Nearby
  14. Sensor: Dual Element Infrared Sensor
  15. Working Temperature: -10 ℃ - +50 ℃
  16. Ambient Humidity: Less than 95% (No Condensation)
  17. Anti RF interference: 10MHZ-1GMHZ 20V / M
  18. Installation: Wall Hanging or Hanging Angle
  19. Installation Height: 1.7- 2.5 m ( Recommended 2.2 m)
  20. Size (L * W * H): 5.9 * 4.0 * 10.7cm / 2.3 * 1.6 * 10.7in
  21. Package Weight:110g / 3.9oz

Package Includes:

1 x 433MHZ Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Detector for Home Security


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