4s 40a Li-ion Battery Protection Board Board in Pakistan

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This is a 4S 18650 lithium battery charger protection board for 18650 cells and other Li-ion batteries. You can use this 4S BMS in the electric vehicle, hoverboard, drill machine, and other Lithium battery-operated products.


  1. 4S 16.8V 40A lithium battery protection board
  2. Scope: Nominal voltage of 3.6V, 3.7V lithium battery (including 18650,26650, polymer lithium battery)
  3. Product Size: 45 * 55 * 3.4mm
  4. Charging voltage: 16.8V - 18.1V
  5. Continuous discharge current (upper limit): 40A (if the cooling environment is not good, please reduce the load current use)
  6. Continuous charge current (upper limit): 20A
  7. Material: PC + metal
  8. Product weight: 9.8g

Package Includes

1 x 4s 40a BMS Lithium Battery Protection Board



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