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50 Meter 12v Neon Rope Light In Pakistan Red, Green Blue, White, Pink

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Flexible Neon Rope light is very bright and powerful compared to other usual led rope light. Available in many colours.LED neon Flex, also known as flexible neon tube, it has a hazy color and unique, you can feel a kind of hazy atmosphere to make your life more colorful feeling. This product is widely used in outstand the contours of the various buildings, the construction of large-scale lighting design, and a variety of interior decoration, residential landscaping. Led Neon Flex is comprised of solid-state LEDs in series solder on Flexible PCB housed by an inner plastic extrusion core. the light source has SMD2835 (single colors) and SMD5050 (RGB),An UV stable outer plastic jacket further protects the inner core. The plastic jacket will be the translucent colored and the LED will be Red, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Green and White. Base our patented technical, we produce the Neon Flex with a continuously color linear effect as well as Glass Neon.

LED Neon And Silicon Rope Light in Lagos Island (Eko) - Home Accessories,  Ledmaster Solution Victor Obiora |

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