5mm Blue LED Light Emitting Diode

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5mm Blue LED Light Emitting Diode, bright and blinky, soft and elegant. 5mm Blue LED Lights Emitting Diode is festive! They're colourful! They're everywhere and they're a lot of fun. We love LEDs when we write tutorials because most of electronics hackery is hidden in chips or goes very fast and we can't see or sense it without expensive equipment. But LEDs are easy to see for everyone - this way we can visually identify what is going on inside our microcontroller.

Features of 5mm Blue LED Light Emitting Diode:

  1. 5mm LEDs can be so bright, they are often used as illumination (lighting something up).
  2. Bright and blinky, soft and elegant.
  3. High quality and reliable. 
  4. Afforable Price 

Specifications of 5mm Blue LED Light Emitting Diode:

  1. Dimensions: 5mm Round LED
  2. Size (Diameter) : 5mm
  3. Colour: blue Light Colour
  4. (ElectroStatic-Discharge) ESD=3000V
  5. (Operation Temperature Range) Topr= -25C ~ 80C
  6. (Storage Temperature Rage) Tstg= -40C ~ 100C
  7. (Soldering Temperature) Tsol= 260C (5sec)

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 5mm Blue LED Light Emitting Diode
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