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5V 2amp SMPS Switching Power Supply

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Rs. 130

B 250,MFR10,Th2,KRT
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5V 2amp SMPS Switching Power Supply, you can power up any 5V circuit using this power supply. Switching Power Supply has very small size and can be easily mounted on PCB board and It works on AC 85 ~ 265v Wide Voltage Input, High and Low Voltage Isolation. Voltage Stability DC5V Output, Small Size, Stable Performance, Cost-effective. You can power up Arduino, Wemos, esp8266, node MCU and other microcontroller based boards.

Features of 5V 2amp SMPS Switching Power Supply:

  • Very small size.
  • Easily mounted on PCB board.
  • Works on AC 85 ~ 265v Wide Voltage Input.
  • High and Low Voltage Isolation.
  • Stable and reliable performance.
  • Cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Specifications of 5V 2amp SMPS Switching Power Supply:

  1. Transformer Replacement
  2. Input voltage: AC 85 ~ 265v 50 / 60HZ or DC100v-370v
  3. Output voltage: DC5V ( 0.2V)
  4. Output Current: 2000mA
  5. Power: 10W
  6. Input current: 0.3A(AC110V) 0.3A(AC220V)
  7. Input Inrush Current: 20A
  8. Operating temperature: -20~60
  9. Relative humidity: 40-90%RH
  10. Peak current: 2.5A
  11. Ripple wave: 60mV
  12. Output power: 10W(DC current)
  13. Output efficiency: 80%
  14. Switch machine overshoot: MAX 10%
  15. Output voltage rise time: MAX 100MS
  16. Output over voltage: 4.8-5.2V.

Package Includes:

1 x 5V 2amp SMPS Switching Power Supply


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