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5V ESP8266 Dual-Channel Wifi Relay Smart Home Mobile APP Remote Control Switch In Pakistan

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The dual 5 V WiFi relay module uses the ESP8266  as a WiFi module and is compatible with 8-bit MCU chip Only a simple configuration process can perform the wireless control of the 2-way relay using the mobile phone APP


  1. Onboard ESP-01 WiFi module and high-performance microprocessor STM8S103. The module has 2 working modes: The phone is directly installed on the WiFi module; Equipped with a mobile phone and WiFi module on the router
  2. Reserved UART debug interface and STM8 SWIM program download interface. Additional features: It can also be used as a USB relay when the ESP-01 is pulled out.
  3. Use Smartcongig technology to complete the account and password configuration on the APP ESP-01 WiFi module on the mobile phone, and configure the username and password memory functions.
  4. On-board 5V,10A250V AC 10AV30V DC relay, which can continuously pull 100,000 times, with diode discharge protection and short response time.
  5. Board mode selection and real-time working status indicator.


  1. Model: ESP8266
  2. Channel: Dual Channel
  3. Board size: 59*40mm/2.3*1.6in
  4. Weight: Approx.36g/1.3oz

Package Includes:

1x  5V ESP8266 Dual-Channel Wifi Relay Smart Home Mobile APP Remote Control Switch





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