5V To 5V Converter DC-DC 1000VDC Isolation Power Module Converter B0505S-1W

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DC-DC module 5V to 5V voltage humble module DC-DC Adjustable power supply B0515S-1W


As a characteristic of the DC-DC power supply module, no matter what the manufacturer of the power supply module is, the output load of the customer cannot be less than 10% of the rated load during the process of using the power supply module. Such power supply module The use of no-load is strictly prohibited. If the module is used without load, the abnormal voltage output will occur, and the voltage will be higher. If the customer is used for less than 10% of the rated load for a long time or the power module is used without load, the product will be burned. Our company will not Responsible if the power you need is really small, we suggest you connect a resistor in parallel with the output.

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