600W Aluminum Step Up Constant Voltage Current Adjustable Power Supply Module LED Boost Drive Boost Charge In Pakistan

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  1. Module Properties: Non-Isolated Boost Module (BOOST)
  2. Input voltage: DC10V-60V
  3. Input current: 10 (MAX)
  4. Static operating current: 10mA (12V 20V, the higher the output voltage, static and current will increase)
  5. Output voltage: 12-60V continuously adjustable (Default output 19V shipment, if you need other voltage please explain to the shopkeeper.)
  6. Output current: 10A MAX More than 6A, please strengthen the heat dissipation (related to the input and output pressure difference, the larger the pressure difference, the smaller the output current)
  7. Constant current range: 0.2-10A
  8. Output power: = input voltage * 10A, such as: input 12V * 10A = 120W, input 24V * 10A = 240W
  9. Input 36V*10A=1360W, input 60V*10A=600W
  10. Operating temperature: -40 ~ +85 degrees (enhance the heat when the ambient temperature is too high)
  11. Operating frequency: 150KHz
  12. Conversion efficiency: 92%-96% (efficiency related to input, output voltage, current, differential pressure)
  13. Installation method: 4 3mm screw holes
  14. Wiring method: wiring output


  1. the input and output can not be reversed,
  2. the input voltage should not be lower than 10V. If the input voltage is too low, it will damage the power supply.
  3. (Be careful when using the battery to prevent over-discharge of the battery,)
  4. The input and output voltages and currents during operation should not exceed the maximum value to avoid damage to the power supply.
  5. Pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation when working for a long time to extend the service life of the power supply.
  6. pay attention to dust, moisture.

Application Range:

  1. DIY a power supply, input 12V can be, the output can be adjusted 12-50V.
  2. For your electronic equipment power supply, you can set the output value according to your system voltage.
  3. As the car power supply, power your laptop, PDA or a variety of digital products.
  4. A high-power notebook mobile power DIY: coupled with a large-capacity 12V lithium battery pack, so that where your notebook can be lighted where.
  5. Solar panel voltage regulator.
  6. To the battery, lithium battery and other charges.
  7. Drive high-power LED lights.

Instructions for use:

  1. VIN+ is the input power supply positive, VIN- is the input power supply negative,
  2. OUT+ is the output power supply positive, OUT- is the output power supply negative,
  3. constant voltage adjustable range: DC12-60V (clockwise small, counterclockwise large),
  4. constant current adjustable range: 0.2A-10A (clockwise small, counterclockwise large),
  5. When the input current exceeds 6A, it is necessary to strengthen the heat dissipation (the aluminum substrate is attached to the flat metal piece).
  6. the input voltage cannot be lower than 10V or more than 60V,
  7. the input maximum current cannot exceed 10A, the power cannot exceed 600W,
  8. the use must ensure that the input voltage is lower than the output voltage by more than 2V,
  9. before switching on the load, please adjust the required voltage and current when no load (the no-load voltage should be increased by 3-5V during constant current).
  10. When using a switching power supply or other secondary power supply, please ensure that the power supply power should be more than double the power of the module.

   Please do not adjust the current by the short circuit. The circuit structure of the boost module cannot be adjusted by the short circuit.

Package Includes:

1X600W Aluminum Step Up Constant Voltage Current Adjustable Power Supply Module LED Boost Drive Boost Charge



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