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63A Automatic Re connection Circuit Breaker Over and Under Voltage Leakage Protection Current to Protect Relay

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This product is designed for a 50Hz / 60Hz AC circuit with a maximum rated current of 63A to protect it and the equipment involved against overvoltage, low voltage, overvoltage, leakage, lighting, etc. It is applicable to electrical equipment such as communication base stations, repeaters, video surveillance, security city, cable TV, digital TV, network switches, optical transceivers, meteorological telemetry stations, seismic detection stations in various conditions.


  1. Detection before closing: the automatic recovery power protection switch monitors the circuit and will not close in case of overvoltage, leakage, overcurrent, and other faults.
  2. Protection against overvoltage: when the voltage between the live cable and the connection cable of the input terminal is greater than the established value, it will activate the protection switch.
  3. Low voltage protection: when the voltage between the live cable and the naught cable of the input terminal is lower than the set value, it will activate the protection switch.
  4. Overcurrent protection: when the actual current is greater than or equal to 1.15 times the rated current for 3 seconds, it will activate the protection switch.
  5. Leakage protection: when the leakage current exceeds the set value or an electric shock occurs, the automatic recovery switch will be disconnected in 0.1 seconds to ensure personal safety.
  6. Neutral line disconnection protection: when the three-phase voltage is unbalanced to a certain level due to the loose neutral or cut neutral line, the switch is activated for protection.
  7. Automatic disconnection when the power is off: the switch will automatically disconnect when the circuit is off, and will automatically relock after detecting a restored normal power source.
  8. Smart leak identification: automatically detects before closing if the voltage is normal and the Neutral line is well connected and never closes in case of error.
  9. Automatic recovery: it is automatically lost again after a certain time interval if the previous error occurs.
  10. Save Trip Information Automatically: Automatically saves trip information such as trip time, trip type (Cause), voltage, current and leakage current for fault analysis.

Main technical parameters:

  1. Nominal voltage: AC220V 50Hz / 60Hz
  2. Power consumption: <3 W
  3. Supply voltage: AC140V 320 V
  4. Leak rate: 10 90mA leak response time: 0. 1 S
  5. Overvoltage range: AC220 300 V overvoltage response time: 0. 1 S
  6. Low voltage range: AC145 210 V low voltage response time: 0. 1 S
  7. Overcurrent range: 1 63A response time of the overcurrent range: 0. 1 S
  8. Short circuit current: 31ln short circuit response time: 0. 1 S
  9. Lightning protection: Test the switch with a combined wave of 1.2 / 50 US (8/20 US) between the LN cables. No error is detected under the 2KV voltage and there is no damage below 6KV.
  10. Error in real-time current, voltage and leakage current: 5%
  11. Maximum failure record: 999
  12. Working conditions:
  13. Temperature: -20 ° 55 ° storage temperature: -45 ° 80 °
  14. Humidity: 95% Rh atmospheric pressure: 70kPa 106kPa
  15. Volume: 106 x 92 x 70mm

Operating procedures and panel instructions

4.1 main panel of operations

Press the set key: check the actual current, voltage and leakage current.

Setting parameters:

  1. Press the configuration key for 5 seconds to enter the configuration mode.
  2. The voltage indicator turns on with the actual overvoltage value (270 V by default) shown. Press the upper key at 300 V to the maximum or lower key at 230 V to the minimum (press the key again to close the configuration if it is not necessary).
  3. Press the configuration key and the voltage indicator lights up with the actual low voltage value (170 V by default) shown. Press the button up to 210 V up to the maximum or lower key up to at least 145 V. Press the key again to close the configuration if it is not necessary.
  4. Press the configuration key and the power indicator lights (40A by default). Press the key up to 63A to the maximum key or less than 1A to the minimum.
  5. Press the configuration key and the leakage current indicator lights (30 mA by default). Press the up key to 90mA until the maximum or less than 10mA key to the minimum (press the key again to close the configuration if it is not necessary).

Connect the power supply after connecting the automatic recovery power protection switch correctly. Turn on the master switch for the automatic recovery switch to turn on the circuit. And then press the Test button to activate the switch to turn off the circuit. The leak indicator is on and the power is restored automatically 10 seconds later, which indicates that the switch is working properly and has been installed correctly. Now you can be sure of the safety and comfort offered by the switch.

It is highly recommended to perform the test above regularly to make sure the switch works well.

In case you do not need electricity, you can turn off the "master switch" to allow the automatic recovery power protection switch to disconnect the circuit, which is equivalent to turning off all the power.

  1. Turn on the power switch after turning on. The operation indicator lights up, indicating that the automatic recovery power protection switch is on.
  2. The switch closes automatically with the output indicator on the panel lit, indicating that the power supply is normal.
  3. The switch disconnects the circuit after any leakage of electricity from the equipment, which indicates that the leak function works well. The leak indicator lights and the switch will attempt the first recovery after 30 seconds.

If the leak continues, the switch will open immediately and try to repeat again 5 minutes later. If the problem continues, try the third recovery 10 minutes later. If it stays, try to recover the room 30 minutes later. If it still does then try the fifth reconnection 1 hour later After 5 times of recovery, the switch will restart to check the circuit after 3 hours and try again if 5 times the leak is still not resolved.

  1. The leak recovery efforts are the same as those of overvoltage, low voltage, and overcurrent faults.

Installation for use:

  1. Install the automatic recovery power protection switch on the wall or the main unit housing to avoid direct rain and sun exposure.
  2. connects the product to the bottom of the circuit breaker (or to the switchblade) with the power supply connected to the input terminal and the load to the output terminal.
  3. the red indicator on after 10 seconds of ignition indicates that the circuit is in some type of fault. Turn off the switch and turn it on again after 10 seconds. If it is maintained, it may indicate that there is an abnormal leakage current or a short circuit/overcurrent. At this point, all loads must be disconnected to know the reasons and solve the problems before restoring power.
  4. Adjust the nominal current after installation.
  5. connects the product with the 230 V single-phase power supply, the electrical equipment circuit, and the grounding cable according to the panel markings. Note that the input and output terminals cannot be connected incorrectly.
  6. Wiring: You do not need to connect to GND if you do not have GND

  • Note 1: this switch cannot be used as the main switch. Install a miniature circuit breaker as an overload short circuit setting in front of the switch.
  • Note 2: adjust the current after installation.
  • Note 3: This product is designed without insulation function. Disconnect the front switch before repairing the circuit.


Package Includes:

  • 1 x 63A Automatic Reconnection Circuit Breaker 

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