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7 Inch Touch Screen Monitor 800x480 TFT LCD Display Screen Touchscreen DWIN DM80480L070_01WTR Module in Pakistan

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7 Inch Touch Screen Monitor 800x480 TFT LCD Display Screen Touchscreen DWIN DM80480L070_01WTR Module. DMG80480L070_01WTR is the intelligent screen with UART PORT which can be controlled by ANY MCU via commands, so it can be used as TFT Display & Touch controller in various electronic equipment. The LCD display screen panel, touch LCD screen, and DWIN display is your best choice for the HMI project. GUI kernel could support the UI Interface design based on DWIN designed software tool, with powerful functions, including data, text, curves, basic graphics, key-value upload, etc. OS kernel could be open to customers for second development, under OS compile, strengthen the function of GUI. Any MCU can be connected with DWIN smart display. Modbus is supported to connect with PLC.

Features Of Dwin T5L HMI Intelligent Display DMG80480L070_01WTR 7" 800X480 LCD Module Screen with Resistive Touch Panel:

  • T5L platform, 7.0 Inches, 16.7M Colors, 800*480 Pixel TFT LCD;
  • Resistive touch panel;
  • Support 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees screen rotation;
  • TTL/RS232 available;
  • Net Weight:215g;
  • 8Pin_2.0mm connection wire;
  • Two Development modes: DGUS II/ TA(Instruction set);
  • Support animation, data, text, curve display, and so on, without any code ;
  • Independent GUI and OS kernel, OS can be programmed by DWIN OS language or Keil C51.

ASIC Information: 

  • Color: 24-bit 8R8G8B
  • LCD Type: TN, TFT LCD
  • Viewing Angle: Normal viewing angle, 70°/70°/50°/70° (L/R/U/D)
  • Display Area(A.A): 153.8mm (W) ×85.6mm (H)
  • Resolution: 800×480 pixels (0°/90°/180°/270°)
  • Backlight: LED
  • Brightness: DMG80480L070_01WTR:200nit

Touch Parameters:

  • Type: RTP (Resistive touch panel)
  • Structure: ITO film + ITO glass
  • Touch Mode: Support point touch and drag
  • Surface Hardness: 3H
  • Light Transmittance: Over 80%
  • Life: Over 1,000,000 times touch


  • LCM interface: FPC40_0.5mm, RGB interface
  • RTP interface: FPC4_1.0mm
  • Baudrate: 3150~3225600bps, typical value of 115200bps
  • Output Voltage: Output 1, Iout = 8mA;3.0~4.5 V...Output 0, Iout = -8mA;0~0.3 V
  • Input Voltage (RDX): Input 1;2.7~3.3V... Input 0;0~1.2V
  • User Interface: 8Pin_2.0mm socket for power supply and serial communication. Download rate(typical value): 12KByte/s, Mode is determined by Jumper: ON =TTL/CMOS; OFF=RS232
  • Flash: 16MBytes NOR Flash, for fonts, pictures, and audio files. Rewrite cycle: over 100,000 times
  • Buzzer: 3V passive buzzer. Power: <1W
  • SD interface: FAT32. Download files by SD interface can be displayed in statistics. Download rate: 4Mb/s
  • PGT05 interface: When a product crashes by accident, you can use PGT05 to update the DGUS kernel and make the product return to normal


  • DMG10768C104_03WTR: Resistive touch panel, Buzzer


  • Recommended end applications of DWIN T5Lcommercial grade and industrial grade HMI LCD displays: Home applications, Printers and 3D printers, Smart Home Control Sytems, EV charger piles, Industrial Machines, Heat Pumps, Lab and detector equipment, etc.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 7.0 Inch Touch Screen Monitor 800x480 TFT LCD Display Module Screen Touchscreen DMG80480L070_01WTR

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