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7.4VDC 3500RPM DC Motor RS755 High Speed High Torque Motor CY 755 3835

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Features And Specifications Of RS-755 DC  7.4V 3500RPM Large Torque Ball Bearing Mute Motor Knurling shaft:

  • Motor type: 755-3835
  • Voltage: DC7.4V-12V
  • No-load speed: about 3700 rpm at 7.4V
  • 12V about 6000 rpm
  • The measured 6-12V can be operated, and the temperature rise is not obvious!
  • The motor is suitable for low-speed and high-torque occasions, micro-drilling and grinding power!
  • Motors without cooling fans should be low-speed without compulsory heat dissipation!
  • No-load current: 7.4V0.49A 12V0.56A
  • Shaft diameter: 5mm Shaft Length: 20mm
  • Motor outer diameter: 42mm Motor length: 60mm

Motor power is relatively large, the power requirements are relatively high, the lowest voltage regulated power supply or battery can play a role.

Package Include:

  • 1 x RS-755 DC Motor

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