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8 Slot 18650 Charger Li Ion Battery Charger 220v Input

Rs. 999
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First of all the charger i received has the polarity in reverse order. Don't know if all these chargers are like that. It is actually -ve where it is marked as +ve and vice versa. Secondly it doesn't seem to have any protection features and can damage your 18650 cells. It provides a constant voltage of over 4.3 volts which is not good for any lithium 18650 cell in my opinion.

Initially when i put the cell as per the indicated +ve & -ve, it started to reverse charge the cell as there is no indication or protection that your cell is reversely charging unless you have a multi meter of sort to verify which can lead to a damaged battery or in worst case an explosion.

I would also request Hallroad.org to check these chargers and verify if they are functioning properly as intended to save prospective buyers from any damage. Thanks
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