8051 AT89C52 STC89C52 Development Board

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This is a development board for STC89C51 and STC89C52 Boards which have builtin io simulator like switches, keypad's, LED'S, seven-segment, LDR, variable resistor, thermistor, ir sensor, ir transmitter, etc.

8051 AT89C52 STC89C52 Development Board Features:

  • USB Port Programmable
  • Builtin esp8266 Wifi port
  • 8x seven-segment display 
  • 4x pushbuttons
  • 4x4 keypad
  • 8x led's
  • 1x infrared remote receiver
  • 1x buzzer
  • 1x ldr
  • 1x thermistor
  • 1x ds18b20 port
  • 1x 16x2 LCD interface
  • 1x 128x64 Graphical LCD port
  • 1x esp8266 port
  • ix EEPROM interface
  • 1x RTC interface
  • 1x 11.0592mhz crystal
  • Built-in 3.3v power supply
  • Power switch

Package includes;

  •  1x STC89C52 development board.
  • 1x STC89c52 IC






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