Optical Axis 8x350mm Linear Rail Shaft

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Optical Axis Linear Shaft Rail Rod 8mm is the smooth rod used for 3D printer kits. This linear guide rod made of high-carbon steel and provides smooth, consistent motion when paired with linear bearings. This 8mm smooth rod is manufactured for use in 3D printers, Hydraulics as well as in CNC / linear motion applications, are stand up to frequent use without a problem. In the robotics field, 350mm heavy duty linear slide rail is usually used on the axis for 3D printers or CNC engraving machines to slide on. This 8mm rod comes in various lengths and body diameters.

Features Of Optical Axis 350mm Smooth Rod 8mm Linear Shaft Rail Rod Bar:

  • High precision, high hardness, high stability.
  • Strictly control every precision process to ensure quality.
  • Simple design, durable material, high temperature preheat treatment, accurate outer hole size.
  • Due to its moderate hardness, it has been applied in many fields.
  • Made of stainless steel, high corrosion resistance, high strength, and wear resistance to maintain its efficient operation.
  • 8mm smooth rod steel linear rail shaft for CNC 3D Printer 
  • The rod compatible with SC8UU Linear slider and SK8 support frame.
  • The rod compatible with LM8UU linear bearing and SK8 support frame.

Specifications Of 350mm Long  Linear Guide Rail Rod Diameter 8mm:

  1. Material: Carbon Steel
  2. Diameter: 8mm
  3. Length: 350mm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Optical Axis 350mm Smooth Rod With 8mm Diameter

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