Adjustable DC To DC 4A Step Up Down Power Supply Module Automatic 5.5-30V To 0.5-30V Buck Boost Converter

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This is an Automatic step-up buck power supply module adjustable voltage 0.5-30V power supply buck and boosts 4A. This 4A Voltage Regulator can be boosted or stepped down. If you adjust the output voltage to 18V, then the input voltage will change between 5.5-30V and will output a constant 18V; then, for example, You input 12V, adjust the potentiometer to set any output of 0.5-30V. The external 60V75A high power MOS is used, and the high current and high voltage Schottky diode SS56 is connected in parallel. The 6009 or 2577 program SS34 can be compared because the MOS and Schottky voltages are greater than the sum of the input and output voltages, depending on the boost and buck principles. Variable Power Supply has Iron silicon aluminum magnetic ring inductance and has high efficiency.

Specifications Of 4A Automatic Buck Boost Variable Power Supply Module:

  1. Input voltage:5.5 -30V
  2. Output voltage:0.5-30V
  3. Output current: to long-term stability in the 3A, to strengthen the heat can reach 4A
  4. Output power: natural heat 30W, to strengthen the heat 50W
  5. Conversion efficiency:88%
  6. Short circuit protection: Yes
  7. Operating frequency:180KHZ
  8. Size:56x20x21mm
  9. Weight:17g


  • This module is a constant pressure type, is not recommended for battery charging or LED drive and other occasions need constant current,
  • Make sure that the power of the power supply is always greater than the power required for the output load!
  • Module input No input anti-reverse function, please pay attention to the direction of power supply positive and negative.
  • The input voltage to 7V or more, the module can the maximum power output. When the input voltage is 5.5V, the output power is about 15W.
  • Module with output short circuit protection, short circuit protection module automatically shut down the output, to re-power the module can be restored, if your power supply without output current limit protection, it is recommended in the module input front-end fuse, improve safety factor.
  • The module has an input Undervoltage protection function, the default is about 5V, below this value, it will automatically disconnect the output, to re-power the module can be restored (note that the module port voltage, when the input current is relatively large, Do not ignore the input voltage on the wire).

Package Include:

  • 1x Adjustable DC Step-Up Down 4A Buck-Boost Converter

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