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ATS Kit For Generator Only For Generator Professionals

یہ کٹ/ سرکٹ  صرف جنریٹر کا کام  کرنے والوں کے لئے ہے .
یہ شوقیہ  کام  کرنے والوں کے لئے نہیں ہے. 
بڑے مہربانی اگر اپ کو یہ چلانا نہیں  آتی تو اس کوہر گز مت  خریدیں تا کہ آپ کا اور  ہمارا قیمتی وقت بچ سکے .

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Complete AMF / ATS Function Electronic Card, Starts Generator when utility supply fails and puts a generator on load when power resumes generator turned off and utility supply put on load. with fuel solenoid/choke options and generator cool-down time provision.

Automatic Transfer KIT Switches (ATS) for Generator. This board is an automatic transfer switch which manages between Wapda and generator supply. It will Automatic transfer load to the generator when wapda will off, and automatically turn off the generator and switch to wapda if available

Generator auto start kit with these features.

  1. Microprocessor based intelligence.
  2. Adjustable self on time.
  3. Adjustable Self Off Time
  4. Adjustable gen on time(Shifting Time)
  5. Fuel relay, With LED
  6. Self-relay, With LED
  7. Chowk relay, With LED
  8. Wapda (Main) relay, With LED
  9. Generator relay, With LED
  10. Power LED
  12. Wapda Input LED
  13. Generator Input LED
  14. Reset button.
  15. High-Quality long-life fiberglass PCB
  16. 4 tries.


   4inch x 5.5inch 

what is the difference b.w this kit and the other one 2500/- wali?
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