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Brass Misting Nozzle 0.5mm Water Sprayer Fogging Nozzle

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This misting nozzle does not need to use air compressed, can use liquid pressure to form a very fine mist, excellent misting effect, energy and water-saving, low cost, good effect, no leakage. Brass Fogging Nozzle has used a sturdy brass body with stainless steel orifice, widely used in dust removal, landscaping, cool down, artificial fog, and another humidification place. The Water Sprinkler nozzle requires simple maintenance; soaking periodically in misting nozzle cleaner to remove mineral deposits that may accumulate with usage. Leak-proof, self-sealing o-ring included with each nozzle; no tape or sealant is required. This Misting Blower Nozzle does not have a filtering device. Please make sure that there is no debris in the water when you use it. It will be better if the filtering device can be installed at the water inlet pipe. This can avoid clogging.

Features Of 0.5mm Mist Sprayer Blower Nozzle:

  • Not easy clogged, wear resistance, spray evenly
  • It Can effectively improve the quality and production efficiency
  • It can effectively regulate the humidification amount and the spray effect.
  • Simple system installation
  • The series of nozzles no air-assisted
  • Mist spot are fine, up to 3-7 microns
  • Fully atomized
  • Energy saving
  • low cost and good effect.

Specifications Of Sanitizing Fog Mist Maker Nozzle:

  1. Material: Brass, Stainless steel
  2. Thread size: UNC 10-24
  3. Orifice Diameter: 0.5mm / 0.016"
  4. Pressure: 3-70 kg/cm
  5. Flow Rate: 70-280 ml/min
  6. Total Size: 10mm x 10mm / 0.39" x 0.39" (Max.D*H)

Package Include:

  • 1 x  Brass Misting Nozzle 0.4mm Water Sprayer Fogging Nozzle

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