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ONBON BX-V75 Synchronous full color led receiving card in pakistan

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ONBON BX-V75 Synchronous full color led receiving card in pakistan:

Product name:
ONBON BX-V75 Synchronous full color led receiving a card


1. Better performance Gigabit network control technology: BX Gigabit network synchronization controller 1280 * 768 dots can remain at 22 per second for smooth playback, the general configuration of the computer CPU share is only about 65%; this means that for 100 million points of LED display, with no need to configure synchronization controller BX send cards;
2. Convenient high refresh technology: BX synchronous controller supports three play modes (high brush shooting mode / recommended mode / Text mode), users need to easily switch according to their own use;
3. richer display: the display is an important performance indicator LED full color display. Display technology to enhance not only dependent on the hardware, but also inseparable from leading advanced software technology; “LedshowTV multimedia studio” on a number of industry-leading software innovation technology to effectively enhance the performance of full-color LED display.
4. A more complete product line: BX full-color controller to meet the diverse needs of the more obvious advantages of the future;
5. Better user experience: more features and more fool operation, BX controller pursue the ultimate user experience;
6. Hardware System Online upgrade: maximize the protection of the interests of users

Technical parameters of ONBON BX-V75 LED display synchronization system receiving card:

Product name BX-V75
Working mode Gigabit ethernet receiving card mode,match with sending card/sending box mode,match with YQ player mode
Control area 384*384
Gray scale 65536grade
Cascade quantity Cascaded receiving card by single network cable ≤1024 pcs
Refresh rate 5000HZ
Screen types Support ll kinds of full color LED display screen
Chip Support all mainstream LED driver chip
Interface 12nos T75,24nos RGB date
Brightness adjustment 256grade brightness
Working voltage 5V(4V-6.5V )
Maximum power ≤4W
Working temperature -40℃~80℃

Software LedshowTV SYNC media player:


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