CA 901 LCD TV switching power supply module DC sampling power supply module SSH7N90 LCD TV power supply module In Pakistan

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CA-901 LCD TV switching power supply module DC sampling power supply module SSH7N90

LCD TV power supply module

On the basis of customer requirements and recommendations, we have  designed  a high-performance, low power consumption, small size, wide voltage range, easy to install, suitable for flyback output voltage of 12V 24V LCD TV power, This module is used in 46-inch LCD TV, LCD power failure or high-power switching power supply quick replacement
First, CA-901 REV: 01 module main features:
1: DC sampling and TL431 regulator feedback, so that it has a good regulator performance.
2: This module uses 12V 24V selective output, only need to connect the corresponding pad, you can output 12V or 24V
3: Rationalized design, easy installation (Figure 1), simply according to the diagram, according to the required output power to connect the corresponding pad on it (power supply module factory 24V)

Two installation instructions:
1: Remove the original power switch or thick module, the module firmly fixed in the original heat sink.
2: Check the anti-peak absorption circuit is normal, the transformer secondary load is short-circuited.
3: The module connected to the red line of the original power switch C pole welding point (FET D pole, the original model for the power of the C pole).
4: the black line connected to the geothermal field (large power supply filter capacitor negative).
5: The yellow line is connected to the negative pole of the secondary rectifier diode of the transformer (12V or 24V) The positive pole of the filter capacitor (main power supply)
6: green line connected to the transformer secondary main power supply 12V or 24V (filter capacitor negative (cold side)
7: white line connected to the original module IC power supply side (9V-18V), and the original machine IC power supply and circuit disconnect.
8: According to the output voltage to select the appropriate pad
9: After connecting the line, we suggest: first disconnect (unplug the main power plug) load, connected to a false load (10 ohms 20 watts resistance), measure voltage, check correct before power test machine.


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