centre DCgear motor AX940097

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This easy-to-mount 5-25v  DC Gear motor is great for building robots and it comes in a variety of configurations that suit even the most exigent designs. The motor comes in a Small cylinder shape with a diameter of 40 mm and a 6mm diameter shaft and 2 Terminal connectors.


These motors are designed to produce high torque at very low current consumptions. It is a Great replacement for the rusty or damaged DC geared speed reduce motor on the machine. Benefiting from high torque and low noise, this motor is solidly constructed and ready to install in numerous applications

This is 5=24v DC motor which has a gearbox of 36mm diameter different  as the motor base body. The 5=24v Gear Motor’s gearbox has metal gears and a centre shaft. The D-Shape Shaft of the motor is loaded with Metal bush for wear resistance and smooth operation.

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