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Composite Silicone Heat sink Syringe Tube Thermal Grease Heat Sink HC-13 Tube Radiator Cooler For Computer PC CPU

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This product is a good thermal conductivity and insulation of metal oxides and imported silicone compound, It has excellent thermal conductivity, Excellent electrical insulation. This product is used in LED, laptops and desktop computers, home appliances, electronic components, Electricians and other fields, excellent thermal performance, so that the performance of your PC, in your hand. Helps disperse the heat from CPU to heatsink effectively


  1. New and of high quality. 
  2. Size: 167x35x21mm. 
  3. Primary use: thermal coupling of an electrical/electronic device to heat sinks.
  4. Special properties: high conductivity, low hemorrhage, and stable at high temperature
  5. Type: Silicone Fluid
  6. Thermal Conductivity: >1.829W/m-k
    Thermal Resistance: <0.123¡ãC-in2/W
  7. Physics from: Grease-like
  8. Non-toxic,tasteless,non-corrosive
  9. 30 gram

Packages include:
1pcs x thermal paste composite heat sink 30g tube for PC CPU

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