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DC Gear Motor With Encoder With Wheel

This motor comes in pair of right and left so its not available in single piece.
Please don't call for single piece.

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Minimum quantity for "DC Gear Motor With Encoder With Wheel" is 2.

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This is the DC Gear Motor With Encoder and wheel already installed. This DC Gear Motor has builtin an optical quadrature type rotary encoder. The quadrature encoders provide two pulses that are out of phase, for sensing the direction of the shaft rotation. Hence, DC Geared Motor with Encoder features both advantages of position sensing as well as direction sensing of the rotating shaft. This application flexibility of the encoders will allow you to control the speed of the base motor very precisely. 

Features Of DC Motor With Encoder: 

  1. Rpm=250 (at 12v)
  2. Operating Voltage=3v To 24V
  3. No-load current= 0.3A
  4. Maximum Load Current=2.5A
  5. Encoder Voltage=3V To 5V
  6. Pulse/Revolution=100 (without gear reduction)
  7. You can monitor both the position and the direction of rotation
  8. Perfect for Bidirectional Position Sensing
  9. Diy robot chassis deceleration track motor, high quality, 
  10. Metal reduction gear, with grating speed encoder, silicone anti-skid track
  11. The best products to refit, such as tanks, excavators, etc., 
  12. The bottom also has a non-slip rubber belt, a very good robot chassis motor.

Package Includes:

 You will get 1 motor at a given price.


   You need to order a minimum of 2pcs because you need 1x right side motor and 1x left side motor.


They are obviously very old and the rubber track is ageing. When you run the motor parts of the tread come off.
But then what do you expect for Rs 800. New, they are easily worth US$ 30-40.
The encoder is excellent quality so if you want precise speed or position control throw away the track and use the drive.
Just for the record - I bought eight of them but I do not use the track.
Have a good torque
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