Digital Car Battery Load Tester Hantek HT2018B Automotive Battery Charging Analyzer

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HT2018B storage battery tester is test equipment specialized for an activated lead-acid battery. It can get storage battery working conditions through testing starting process, charging process and electrical load process, then analyze the life state of lead-acid battery rapidly and accurately. In addition, HT2018C is with the printing function of the test report.


  • Test car load state directly.
  • Test car starting voltage.
  • Test car charging voltage normally or not.
  • Low-frequency signal testing without external large load discharge test.
  • Easily read out electrical capacity and physical condition to estimate lifecycle.
  • Directly detect on the car without removing the battery.
  • Rapidly and accurately display the result of the battery test.
  • Continuous operation fully protected overvoltage and reverse connection protection.
  • No electricity, no fever, no spark, no operating danger, mainly all adults can make it.
  • Battery test: cold starting current, battery internal resistance, and voltage, lifecycle analysis.
  • Starting test: battery changing status during system start.
  • System test: output state during the charging system working.
  • Maximum load test: battery maximum load state.
  • Application field: storage battery manufacturer, automobile production line, Auto 4S limited, storage battery distributor, and owner of the truck, private car.


  1. Material: Metal, Plastics
  2. Type: HT2018B
  3. Function/Range
  4. Cold starting current
    • CCA: 100~1700
    • IEC: 100~1000
    • EN: 100~1700
    • DIN: 100~1000
    • JIS: 100~1700
  5. Internal Resistant: 0.00mΩ~99.99mΩ
  6. Battery voltage: 4.5V~30V
  7. 6V/12V/24V Battery tester: Yes
  8. Start-up load test: Yes
  9. Charging system test: Yes
  10. Electrical load test: Yes
  11. Prevent reverse connection: Yes
  12. Dot-matrix LCD: Yes
  13. Cable length: Approx.600mm/23.6in
  14. Size: Approx.143*77*28mm/5.6*3*1.1in

Package Include:

  • 1x Battery Tester
  • 1x Lead