DIY STEM Kit Physics Laboratory Experiments Kit

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School Physics Labs Basic Electricity Discovery Circuit and Magnetism Experiment Kits for Kids Junior-Senior High School Students Electromagnetism Elementary Electronics

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  1. Learn basic Electricity and Magnetism experiments understand the basic principles, and help children learn, think and explore.
  2. The basic Electricity and Magnetism experiments kit includes everything that you need to get started, provides a hands-on opportunity for students in grades 7-11 to build simple electrical and magnetic models
  3. This Electricity and Magnetism Experiment STEM kit can build many projects::Series Circuits, Parallel Circuits, Fruit Battery, Measure unknown resistor with Ohm's law, Oersted Experiment, Electromagnet, Amper's Force Investigation, Electric Bell Making, and Hand Crank Generator
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Physics is a practical science. Good quality, appropriate physics activities and investigations are not just motivational and fun. They can also sharpen students’ powers of observation, stimulating questions. And they are the key to enhanced learning, clarification, and consolidation of theory. You will need 3PCS AA batteries to do the experiments in this kit. Component List:

Parts Detail:

  1. 1 x Ammeter
  2. 1 x Voltmeter
  3. 5 x Light bulb
  4. 3 x Light bulb Holder
  5. 3 x Switch
  6. 3 x Battery Holder
  7. 1 x Resistor Module (5-Ω, 10-Ω, 20-Ω)
  8. 1 x Resistor Module(Unknown)
  9. 1 x Potentiometer
  10. 1 x mini buzzer
  11. 1 x LED Module
  12. 4 x Copper Electrodes
  13. 4 x Zinc Electrodes
  14. 1 x Resistance Tester
  15. 1 x Electrostatic interaction kit
  16. 20 x Wire
  17. 2 x LED

- Magnetism: 

  1. 1 x Bar Magnet
  2. 1 x Horseshoe Magnet
  3. 2 x Circle Magnet
  4. 1 x Mini Magnetic car
  5. 1 x Compass
  6. 1 x Iron Filing Box
  7. 1 x Electric Motor Model
  8. 2 x Fan Blade
  9. 1 x Electric Generator
  10. 1 x Electric Bell Model
  11. 1 x Stand(for Circle magnets)
  12. 1 x Copper coil
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