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24mm Double Sided Adhesive Tape

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24mm Double Sided Adhesive Tape is any weight touchy tape that is covered with glue on the two sides. 24mm Double Sided Adhesive Tape is intended to stick two surfaces together, frequently in a way that isn't obvious at last item, because of it being in the middle of the articles as opposed to overlaying them. This takes into account neater-looking undertakings and better craftsmanship. The twofold sided tape can be either slim or dimensional. The dimensional tape is thicker, and is of specific use to retail and signage utilizes where it tends to be utilized to enable signs or shows to stand apart with a 3-D impact.

Features of 24mm Double Sided Adhesive Tape:

  • Excellent tack and good strength for immediate bonding, good resistance to solvent, heat, and chemical.
  • Provides excellent holding power for mounting lightweight objects. 
  • Great for sealing gaps between irregular surfaces without air entrapment. 
  • Easy to use.
  • High-temperature resistance.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Ideal for packaging, advertising, stationery and office usage

Specifications of 24mm Double Sided Adhesive Tape:

  1. Adhesive Side: Double-Sided
  2. Feature: Waterproof
  3. Colour: White
  4. Width: 24mm
  5. length around: 30meter
  6. Adhesive Type: Hot Melt, Pressure Sensitive, Water Activated
  7. Design Printing: No Printing



Package Includes:

1 x 24mm Double Sided Adhesive Tape


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