E3F-DS30C4 Infrared Proximity Sensor

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B 609 , D01,LS10,Th5,KRT
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The basic purpose of a E3F-DS30C4 Proximity Sensor Infrared Type proximity sensor is to perceive occurrence of any object without being in contact with it. A proximity sensor makes a field around it by emitting electromagnetic radiations. The beam of electromagnetic radiations traces any object or hurdle in its way. The term ‘target’ is used for the object that a proximity sensor intuits in its path. The sensor looks for any alteration made in its field. Target usually replaces a certain beam of the field or hurdles its projection. Different fields or sensors are used to detect different targets.Proximity Sensor Infrared Type.


DC 3 Wire NPN NO DC 10-30V 200mA Omron Adjustable distance


  1. positioning,
  2. limiting,
  3. Detecting Dynamic Motion
  4. conveyor system
  5. 18mm tip size
  6. Voltage range 10 to 36 DC
  7. Type NPN
  8. Shape: Diameter 18mm;
  9. Detection distance: 30 centimeters (CM)
  10. Sensing object: opaque body;
  11. Operating voltage: DC 6~36V;
  12. Output: Normally open there wires NPN; Output current: 300mA


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