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ESP8266EX ESP-12F Wifi Module has a powerful enough on-board processing and storage capability. ESP8266EX ESP-12F Wifi Module, that allows it to be integrated with the sensors and other application-specific devices through its GPIOs with minimal development up-front and minimal loading during runtime. Its high degree of on-chip integration allows for minimal external circuitry, including the front-end module, which is designed to occupy minimal PCB area. The ESP8266EX supports APSD for VoIP applications and Bluetooth co-existence interfaces, it contains a self-calibrated RF allowing it to work under all operating conditions and requires no external RF parts.

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Features of ESP8266EX ESP-12F Wifi Module:

  • The smallest 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi SOC module
  • Low power 32-bit CPU, can also serve as the application processor
  • Up to 160MHz clock speed
  • Built-in 10 bit high precision ADC
  • SMD-22 package for easy welding
  • Integrated Wi-Fi MAC/BB/RF/PA/LNA
  • Support multiple sleep patterns. Deep sleep current as low as 20uA
  • UART baud rate up to 4Mbps
  • Embedded LWIP protocol stack
  • Supports STA/AP/STA + AP operation mode
  • Support Smart Config/AirKiss technology
  • Supports remote firmware upgrade (FOTA)
  • General AT commands can be used quickly
  • Support for the two development, integration of windows, Linux development environment

Specifications of ESP8266EX ESP-12F Wifi Module:

Module Model ESP-12F
Package SMD22
Size 24*16*3(±0.2)mm
Certification FCCǃCEǃICǃREACHǃRoHS
SPI Flash Default 32Mbit
IO Port 9
UART Baud rate Support 300 ~ 4608000 bps ˈDefault 115200 bps
Frequency Range 2412 ~ 2484MHz
Antenna PCB Antenna

Transmit Power

802.11b: 16±2 dBm (@11Mbps)
802.11g: 14±2 dBm (@54Mbps)
802.11n: 13±2 dBm (@HT20, MCS7)

Receiving Sensitivity

CCK, 1 Mbps : -90dBm
CCK, 11 Mbps: -85dBm
6 Mbps (1/2 BPSK): -88dBm
54 Mbps (3/4 64-QAM): -70dBm
HT20, MCS7 (65 Mbps, 72.2 Mbps): -67dBm

Power (Typical Values)

Continuous Transmission=>Average˖~71mAˈPeak˖
Modem Sleep: ~20mA
Light Sleep: ~2mA
Deep Sleep: ~0.02mA
Power Supply Voltage 3.0V ~ 3.6VˈTypical 3.3VˈCurrent >500mA
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ 85°C
Storage Environment -40 °C~ 85 °C < 90%RH

Package Includes:

1 x ESP8266EX ESP-12F Wifi Module


ESP-12F: ESP8266 Module - Minimal Breadboard for Flashing


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