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SpO2 Pulse Oximeter With Heart Rate Monitor

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This Pulse Oximeter offers an affordable, reliable, and precise way to check your pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation levels - whenever, and wherever. The finger pulse oximeter features a one-button operation to determine your blood oxygen saturation levels (SpO2) as well as your heart rate (pulse). This finger heart rate monitor PO 30 is designed for sports enthusiasts, aviators, bikers, mountain climbers alike, and anyone else who wants to measure and monitor their SpO2 at their own convenience.

The 50D Plus can sound an alarm in the following scenarios:

  • When the pulse rate or oxygen saturation drops below a pre-set level
  • When the oximeter unit isn't correctly positioned on the finger
  • When the battery level is low

Features Of Fingertip Pulse Oximeter:

  • Oxygen saturation in haemoglobin measurement - SpO2 (%)
  • Pulse rate measurement in beats per minute (bpm)
  • Stand-alone data recording
  • Four Orientation LED numeric six-way display for easy reading
  • Adjustable display brightness
  • Alarms with high and low limits
  • One button operation
  • Automatically turns off when not in use
  • AAA battery powered
  • Expected battery life in excess of 30 hours of use
  • Low battery alarm

Specifications  SpO2 Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen Heart Rate Monitor:

  1. FDA 510(k) Number: K082641
  2. Display Mode: 0.96" Dual-color OLED display
  3. Screen Resolution: 128*64
  4. SpO2 Measuring Range: 0%-100%, (the resolution is 1%)
  5. Accuracy: 70%-100%: 2% ,Below 70% unspecified
  6. PR Measuring Range: 30bpm-250bpm, (the resolution is 1bpm)
  7. Accuracy: 2bpm or 2% (select larger)
  8. Power Consumption: less than 80mA
  9. Voltage:DC 2.6V-3.6V
  10. Power Supply:1.5V (AAA size) alkaline batteries x 2
  11. Battery working hour: The minimum continually work time is 24hours, the theoretical number is 32 hours.
  12. Safety Type: Interior Battery, BF Type

Package Include:

  • CMS-50D+ Unit (with 6 direction display)
  • Neck/wrist cord

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How to use Pulse Oximeter:


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