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Float Switch Level Switch Liquid Level Sensor P110

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PP float switch level switch , liquid level sensor P110 

Maximum switching voltage : DC100V

Maximum Switching Current : 0.5A


Practical Temperature : -30-140

Wire Lenght: 300mm

Level float switch is mainly composed of magnetic reed switch and float composed of magnetic material inside the float , the float moves up and down with the measured liquid level , touch the reed switch detection level position . Liquid level sensor using imported switching elements , with lightweight , the working principle is simple, reliable , inexpensive features , with different materials and specifications of the float to choose , electrical parameters can be changed according to customer requirements, special specifications can also be customized . products can be used for drinking , water heaters in automotive, industrial equipment, agricultural equipment , household appliances broad application prospects , solar, air conditioners, humidifiers , bathroom equipment, vending machines, tanks , towers, chemical liquid level control.

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