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TO-3P Black and Silver Heat Sink

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Minimum quantity for "TO-3P Black and Silver Heat Sink" is 5.

The main purpose of TO-3P Black Heat Sink is to expel heat from a generating source. TO-3P Black Heat Sink is work through the process of conductive and convection heat transfer. Heat sinks are a passive form of cooling, as they have no moving parts and require no power. In most cases, heat sinks are used in conjunction with fans.

Features of TO-3P Black Heat Sink:

  1. Aluminum Heat-Sink
  2. For Package TO-220 / TO-3P / TO-247 Rectifier, Transistor or Regulator IC.
  3. M3 Screw Hole.Size: 25 x 15x 11mm
  4. Colour: Anodized Black
  5. Weight: 3.5g/ piece

Specifications of TO-3P Black Heat Sink:

  1. Application: Power Supply
  2. Fan Life: 100000 hrs
  3. Compatible CPU: all
  4. Fan Speed Control: No RPM
  5. Material: Aluminum
  6. Heatsink Material: Aluminum
  7. Noise: 0 dBA
  8. Power: 0.9W



Package Includes:

  • 1 x TO-3P Black Heat Sink

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