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HLW8012 Energy Metering IC


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HLW8012 is a single-phase multi-function metering chip that provides high-frequency pulse CF for energy metering, indicating active power, and high-frequency CF1 for indicating current RMS or voltage RMS


  • High-frequency pulse CF, indicating active power, ±0.2% accuracy in 1000:1 range
  • High-frequency pulse CF1 can be configured as output current arms or voltage arms, achieving 0.5% accuracy over a 500:1 range
  • Built-in oscillator
  • Low power consumption, +5V single-supply operation, working power less than 15mW
  • SOP-8 package

Download Arduino Library:

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Chip Pin:

  1. VDD: Power supply, 5V voltage
  2. V1P: Analog input, Current Channel Differential Input, Maximum Differential Input Voltage Range ±43.75mV
  3. V1N: Analog input, 4
  4. V2P: Analog input, Voltage Channel Positive Input, Max Input Signal ±700mV
  5. GND: Simulated ground, Simulated ground
  6. CF: Digital output, Output active power high-frequency pulse, pulse duty cycle 50%
  7. CF1: Digital output, SEL=0, CF1 output current arms, pulse duty cycle 50%, SEL=1; CF1 output voltage arms, pulse duty cycle 50%
  8. SEL: Digital input, Configure CF1 output current or voltage arms, internal pull-down


  • Metering socket
  • Smart home electricity collector
  • Intelligent street light power collection end
  • The power quality monitoring system
  • Various types of energy metering systems
  • Internal block diagram

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