ID Card Decoder RFID Reader Module 125KHz TK4100 UART Output Board For Access Control DIY Modification

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  1>.Model: YS-RFID2

  2>.Work Voltage: DC 5V

  3>.Work Current: 26mA

  7>.Operating Temperature:-20℃~85℃

  8>.Operating Humidity:5%~95%RH

  9>.Module Size:54*28*8mm


It will output 10bit card number if the module senses the ID card.


  1>.Support reading ID card, ID access card, VIP keychain ID card number, 125K support chip TK4100.

  2>.Support 1 TTL serial output and decode data.

  3>.Support 1 output port, can directly control the relay module switch.

  4>.Support 4 kinds of optional baud rates, which are 4800, 9600, 57600, and 115200bps respectively.

  5>.Support for reading cards, deleting cards, registration cards and other operations.

  6>.Support a total of 0-34 card number can be stored, a total of 35 ID cards.

Read Car number:Output 10Bit card number when the ID card is close.


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