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Items marked by the "sensor" tag:


IR Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module
Save 20%
Price=100 Price=80
SPO2 MAX30102 Blood Oxygen Concentration Sensor
Save 22%
Price=450 Price=350
VL53L0X Laser Distance Sensor In Pakistan
Save 8%
Price=650 Price=600
Arduino Sensor Shield V5 Expansion Board For Arduino
Save 20%
Price=200 Price=160
MQ135 Air Quality Detector Sensor Module in Pakistan
Save 18%
Price=280 Price=230
Rain Drops Detection sensor module In Paksitan
Save 33%
Price=150 Price=100
SW-420 Vibration Sensor
Save 25%
Price=100 Price=75
TCS3200 Color Sensor Module With Cap in Pakistan
Save 11%
Price=675 Price=600
HR202 Humidity Sensor In Pakistan
Save 40%
Price=250 Price=150
Out of stock