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J5019 Li Ion Charger with 4.5 To 24 Volts Boost Module

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3.7V 9V 5V 2A Adjustable Step Up 18650 Lithium Battery Charging Discharge Integrated Module:


This is a mini J5019 Li Ion Charger with 4.5 To 24 Volts Boost Module having DC To DC Step Up Boost Converter Module which allow you to get 5v 9v or 12v.


  1. 100% Brand New and High Quality
  2. Can be used for multimeter, converted to lithium battery charging
  3. For example, VIN+Port input 5V solar panels, BAT+port can output 4.2V to charger 3.7V 18650 battery
  4. Note: The OUT+Port can output an adjustable voltage.


  1. Input voltage: 4.5-8V DC
  2. Output voltage: 4.3-27V DC (Continuously adjustable)
  3. Charging voltage: 4.2V DC
  4. Charging current: Max. 1A
  5. Discharging current: Max. 2A
  6. Size: 3.3x2.3cm/1.3x0.91"

Package Include:

1XLithium Ion 18650 3.7 V 4.2 V Battery Charger DC-DC Board Step Boost Module TP4056 DIY Kit






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