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Adjustable Digital Display Point Welding Machine JSD IIS Small Battery Pack Lithium Battery Welder

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Features And Specifications Of JSD-IIS 18650 Battery Handheld Spot Welder Battery Welding Machine Digital Display LED Pulse Spot Welder Welding Welding for Mobile Power 3KW Adjustable:

  • Upgraded version of JD-IIS, with extended bracket type, extended welding distance, and precise spot welding with footswitch.
  •  Product name: point welding machine
  • Model number: JSD-IIS
  • Voltage: 220V/110V
  • Power: 3KW
  • Welding current: 01-99% adjustable
  • Pulse regulation: 01-06 adjustable
  • Delay adjustment: 01-99 adjustable
  • Welding thickness: <0.15mm
  • Driving mode: pedal switch
  • Size: 183*164*130mm
  • Suitable for elements within 0.15mm.Supports 18650 lithium batteries and other cylindrical or polymer batteries, stainless steel sheets, nickel-plated steel sheets and another welding.  

Safe use and maintenance:

  1. The two electrodes and soldering pins should not be touched together to avoid short circuit;
  2. Test welding must be tested on the weldment, try to avoid triggering the switch without the weldment;
  3. when testing the welding, the current and pulse should be adjusted from small to large;
  4. Keep it clean. After working for a period of time, you need to grind the needle to remove impurities and continue to use it.
  5. The machine power should be plugged into the power supply socket, not plugged into the secondary power socket.

Note: Please match the air switch above 30A to prevent tripping.

Package Include:

  • 1 x spot welding machine
  • 1 x inner hexagon
  • 1 x fixture
  • 1 x welding needle

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