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Mini 5V Liquid Water Level Sensor Detection Switch With Alarm XKC-Y23-V

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The intelligent non-contact liquid level sensor is for detecting whether there is liquid by water induction capacitor. When there is no liquid to approach the Level sensor, the Water Level detector Switch will generate certain static capacitance because of the capacitor distribution; when the liquid rises slowly to approach the Capacitive Liquid Level sensor, the liquid parasitic capacitor will coupling to this static capacitor so that the terminal capacitance of sensor will increase; the changing capacitance signal will be input to control IC and achieve signal switch, then transform the changing capacitance value into a variation of the certain electric signal. Using a certain algorithm to detect and judge the degree of the variation; when the variation has surpassed certain threshold values, then it means the liquid level reaches the sensing point.

Features Of XKC-Y23-V Intelligent Non-contact Liquid Level Sensor:

  • Non-contact detection
  • Easy installation
  • Stable detection
  • High sensitivity
  • Strong anti-interference ability
  • Support detect various liquids

Specifications Of Externally attached liquid level water level switch:

  1. Work Voltage: DC 5V
  2. Power Consumption:5mA 
  3. Output Voltage (High Level): Vin
  4. Output Voltage (Low Level): 0V 
  5. Output Current: 1-100mA 
  6. Response Time: 500ms 
  7. Sensor Thickness (sensitivity) Range: 0-10mm
  8. Material: ABS 
  9. Error value:+/-1.5mm
  10. Waterproof Performance: IP67 
  11. Working Temperature range:-20℃~85℃
  12. Working Humidity Range:5%-100%RH
  13. Sensor Size:34*24*6mm
  14. Length:30cm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Water Level Sensor Detection Switch With Alarm XKC-Y23-V

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