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Lithium Battery Capacity Indicator LED Display Board

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  • Intelligent electricity quantity display board;slightly push trigger switch,it will auto power off after 3 seconds display
  • Static power consumption 2.3MA,and it can be disregarded
  • Plug-in indicator light color:25% red,other 3 pcs are green
  • Application Fields:battery electricity quantity detecting;only needs to connect seperately battery's positive and negative with electricity quantity board's positive and negative;slightly push trigger switch,then it can be able to detect current electricity quantity.4 LEDs will divide battery comprehensive capacity into 4 phases;slightly push the switch,electricity quantity will be shown
  • single electricity display indication:25% first light is on(voltage:3.4V);
  • 50% second light is on (voltage:3.6V);75% third light is on (voltage:3.8V);
  • 100% fourth light is on (voltage:4V)
  • Size:44*9*7.5mm


  • Supply Voltage: none
  • Condition: New
  • Type: Logic ICs
  • Model Number: Battery Capacity Indicator
  • Application: Charger Indicator Module

Package Includes

1 x lithium battery level indicator module

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