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MP2307 Mini 360 DC to DC Step Down Buck Converter Module In Pakistan

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Mini-360 DC to DC 4.75V-23V to 1V-17V Buck Converter Step Down Module

  • Super compact and capable, this DC-DC buck converter can knock down a voltage from 23V to as low as 1V with up to 95% efficiency.

    10PCS Mini360 DC DC Buck Converter Step Down Module MP2307 4.75V 23V to 1V  17V 340KHz 17x11x3.8mm For Flight Control Car Module|supply power|dc dc  converterdc dc - AliExpress



    One of our engineers came by and showed off one of his latest finds, the Mini-360 DC-DC buck converter. He needed a small and efficient voltage-reduction circuit for a remote application, and this unit tests out quite well. Inexpensive enough to be worth having a few in the toolbox for emergency voltage regulation!Specifications:
    • MPS MP2307DN buck regulator IC
    • 4.75 – 23VDC input voltage
    • 1.0 – 17VDC selectable output voltage
    • 3A surge current, 1.8A continuous rated current
    • Maximum conversion efficiency of 95% (5Vin, 3.3Vout ~200mA output)
    • 340kHz switching frequency
    • 30mV no-load output ripple
    • 0.5% load regulation
    • 2.5% voltage regulation
    • -40 to +85°C operational temperature range
    • Built-in 160°C thermal shutdown
    • 17x11x3.8mm (0.67×0.43×0.15″)


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