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ZS-X4A 5A PWM Max 90W DC Motor Speed Controller Module 5V-35V 6V 12V 24V Speed Control Switch LED Dimmer

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Mini wide voltage DC motor governor adopts the latest low voltage drive technology, the current is up to 5A, the smallest volume is only 1 yuan coin size, the applicable voltage is the widest 3-35V, and it is equipped with a self-recovery fuse, pocket DC governor, Also suitable for LED dimming.


  • With high voltage and high current self-recovery fuse, the current is automatically disconnected, the fuse is automatically restored after a few seconds of power-off cooling, almost never need to change the fuse
  • Input voltage selection is divided into two gear positions. By default, the short-circuit point is applied to the voltage of 5-35V input.
  • If the short-circuit point is connected, the low-voltage 3-15V input is applied. The default is to disconnect the short-circuit point and apply the voltage to 5-35V input. Low voltage input gear can be changed by yourself.


  1. Working voltage: DC3V-35V
  2. Control power: 90W (maximum)
  3. Quiescent current: 0.015A (standby state)
  4. PWM duty cycle: 1%-100%
  5. PWM frequency: 10khz
  6. Model: ZS-X4A
  7. Shell size: 30MMx width 24MM (without handle) total height 15MM

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Mini DC Motor PWM Governor Speed Controller

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