MS 6B Rechargeable Solar LED Light

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MS 6B Rechargeable Solar LED Light is high-quality solar LED mini light. This Rechargeable Solar LED Light easy-to-use solar-powered light provides over four hours of bright, clean light, an integrated solar panel, rugged design, and an estimated product lifetime of over five years. The MS 6B enables children to study during evening hours, improving their grades and creating a secure future. Parents love the affordability, reliability and opportunity it provides. The MS 6B is adding hours of light to millions of lives.

Features of MS 6B Rechargeable Solar LED Light:

  • The unique round shape reflects light into every corner of a room.
  • lighting up your home or providing light when walking at night, the MS16B provides an affordable, portable lighting solution.
  • A bright LED solar lamp with 3 light mode settings provides 3 hours of light on the higher setting, 6 hours of light on the medium setting and 9 hours of light on the lower setting.
  • The rugged, durable design protects your product, even if it falls, drops, or is left out in light rain.
  • Reliable and eco-friendly product for you.
  • AC charging compatible using AC adapter.
  • Full day charging gives light up to 9-100 hrs depending on the product range.
  • Products with multiple usages like hanging, carrying, and wall mounting, on your bike, like a torch, for studying, and more
  • Solar lights can be used anywhere inside the hut or outside in the open, and very handy while going to the market/toilet in the night

Specifications of MS 6B Rechargeable Solar LED Light:

  1. Long-lasting, 0.5W LED light
  2. Three-stage adjustable brightness
  3. LFP 3.2V / 600mAh battery - up to 9 hrs back-up
  4. In-built 0.35W polycrystalline solar panel
  5. Dual charging option - Solar & Grid Charging
  6. Charging indicator LED - glow red while charging
  7. Attached steel stand for better light dispersion
  8. Lighting colour: Warm White
  9. Input Voltage(V): LFP 3.2V
  10. Height: 21 cm
  11. Body Material: Plastic

Mitva Plastic Solar Light MS 6B, 0.35 W

Mitva Plastic Solar Light MS 6B, 0.35 W

Package Includes:

  • 1 x MS 6B Rechargeable Solar LED Light


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